Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant

Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant

In theory, any mineral contain iron or iron compounds can be called iron ore;But in industrial or commercial, iron ore and manganese ore, iron ore, but not to contain iron elements, and must have a use value. Many different kinds of iron ore, used in iron making mainly magnetite (Fe3O4), hematite, Fe2O3 and siderite (FeCO3), etc. The main iron ore processing process has a gravity separation, flotation and magnetic separation or with a variety of iron ore beneficiation plant, there have been weak magnetic separation technology after magnetization roasting.

Iron ore beneficiation process

Iron ore beneficiation process is 0.5 — 5 mm on the ore into hopper, a vibration motor vibration cloth, the feed rate can be accurately adjusted by hand wheel. Magnetic roller through the speed regulating motor, speed speed adjusted by speed table, can control the output of magnetic separator, and concentrate grade. Ore through magnetic roller conveyor belt was sent to the sorting, because of the iron ore of magnetic, was immediately adsorption on the magnetic roller, strong magnetic field and gangue particles (miscellaneous stone, sand) with no magnetic, magnetic is very weak, the magnetic roller strong magnetic suction on it does not, as the rotation of the magnetic roller ore grain has been on the magnetic roller, absorption and gangue particles in magnetic roller to the front position thrown off in front of the ore plate isolation (ore by changing plate Angle can be adjusted the size of the concentrate grade), particles continue to be magnetic roller to magnetic area automatically fall off into a collection bucket collection to concentrate the finished product. Because of the magnetic roll off the gangue also entrainment some magnetic weaker ore grain, they will enter the magnetic roller continue magnetic separation, magnetic separation after finished ore grain into two anthologies ore all collection for the finished product, was thrown by the gangue by tailings discharge, thus magnetic separation process is over.

Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant

Iron ore beneficiation plant equipment

Iron ore beneficiation plant equipment includes crushing equipment, grinding equipment, fine screen classification equipment, magnetic separation equipment, five kinds of flotation equipment, detailed introduction is made below:

1, crushing equipment: jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher;

2, grinding equipment: mineral processing ball mill, energy-saving ball mill;

3, fine screen classification equipment: vibrating screen, spiral classifier.

4, magnetic separation equipment: magnetic separator, dry and wet magnetic separator, high gradient magnetic separator;

5, flotation equipment: flotation machine, inflatable flotation machine;