Gold Washer Machine

Gold Washer Machine

Gold washer machine is my company on the basis of the use of advanced technology, in combination with the practical situation of sand and gravel industry at home and abroad to develop high efficiency sand washing equipment, it has height to clean, reasonable structure, large output, less gold mine in the process of sand washing sand erosion, especially its transmission parts with water, sand isolation, so the gold washer machine failure rate is much lower than the commonly used sand washing machine, is the best choice for domestic washing sand industry upgrading. Gold ore washing machine is a kind of wheel type washing equipment. Gold washer machine is mainly used for washing and dewatering gold ore dressing and so on. This series of gold washing equipment has the following advantages: reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large capacity, small power consumption, high cleaning capacity.

Gold Washer Machine Classification

Sand washer after years of practice and use, and after my company’s reform, has become a necessary machine wash the sand, sand industry.

Gold washer machine has two series: one is the XSD series gold sand washer, this series is the wheel bucket type gold ore washing equipment, ore powder and the impurity in the mechanism of sand can be washed, so as to improve the quality of the sand; Another kind is the LS series gold sand washing machine, the series of gold sand washer tank bottom is surrounded by trilateral weir plate settling basin formation, and the screw head into sedimentation tank, using spiral propulsion principle for sand washing, dehydration, this series machines should be according to the 15 degree Angle inclined to decorate, also can be used in the metallurgical industry was graded homework.

Gold washer machine structure features

1, simple structure, stable operation.

2, bearing is separated from water and materials, avoid machine early damage caused by pollution rusty phenomenon.

3, wide applicability, reliable work.

Gold Washer Machine

4, washing by less material loss, high washing efficiency, can fully meet the requirements of high grade material.

5, longer service life, low dissipation parts.

6, low maintenance rate, low production cost.

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